how to do Saudi dataflow?

Just applying for the Prometric exam, the Saudi Commission issues two eligibility numbers, the first for the Prometric test and the second for checking and documenting qualifications (dataflow), and many doctors neglect the second number despite its importance. There is now a link between the Prometric and data. Authority employees, therefore, the number given by […]

SaudiPrometric exam passing score 2021 ?

Pass the Saudi Prometric Exam 2021 by taking several simple steps, including: -All required documents and documents must be attached, and the application must be submitted to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. – The classification process for the practitioner is carried out according to the certificate obtained, and the request is answered after about […]

how to apply Saudi Prometric exam for doctors?

All medical personnel can book an appointment for the Saudi Parametric Test; Where the test date is booked electronically via the Prometric website, by following the instructions for booking the test, after the conditions required for reservation are met. The test reservation goes through four stages as follows: -The stage of documenting the certificates of […]

how to apply Saudi Prometric exam for nurses?

You must prepare all the papers for the exam from the graduation certificate, the certificate of excellence, the experience certificate, the graduation degree statement, the passport, a personal photo, the transcript of your last academic certificate. 1- The stage of presenting data flow It is the stage of documenting the certificates that they are not […]

how to renew Saudi Prometric license?

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has provided the possibility to renew the Saudi Prometric license for those who have been issued registration licenses without an employer, through the electronic platform of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, after preparing the documents for renewal and fulfilling the conditions for renewal.

how to get Saudi Prometric eligibility id?

After submitting the required documents, registering on the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties website, following the steps, and paying the fees, you can find the eligibility id in your email. And in the email, you will find instructions for scheduling a seat at Prometric. You will also be asked to enter the first four letters […]

how to book Saudi Prometric exam?

To register for the Saudi Prometric Exam, you can follow the following steps: 1- Log on to the Saudi Prometric website. 2- You must select Scheduled. 3- After that, a menu will appear and Select a Test Sponsor 4- Then choose Saudi commissions for health specialties. 5- In the other box, select a program and […]

how to apply for Saudi Prometric exam?

The medical worker can apply and book an appointment to join the Saudi Prometric test electronically after passing the following stages: 1- Documenting the applicant’s certificates that indicate his specialization in the medical field. 2- The electronic registration is done in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and the application is reviewed within 14 days. […]