how to apply Saudi Prometric exam for doctors?

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All medical personnel can book an appointment for the Saudi Parametric Test; Where the test date is booked electronically via the Prometric website, by following the instructions for booking the test, after the conditions required for reservation are met. The test reservation goes through four stages as follows:
-The stage of documenting the certificates of the applicant for the Prometric test.
-The stage of registration with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties as a health practitioner; So that the application submitted to the authority is reviewed within 14 days.
-The classification stage in the authority, at this stage the health practitioner is classified based on the certificates that were submitted.
-Prometric exam stage; After paying the classification fee; Where the eligibility number is issued within 10 days, and the customer is contacted after the eligibility number is issued to determine the appropriate date for taking the exam.

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