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A general guide for Saudi Prometric Exam

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Saudi Medical Licensing Exam (SMLE Exam) (SCFHS Exam) ( prometric exam )

Saudi prometric exam booking is an important article for doctors who
want to work in Saudi Arabia . In this article , we will present all news
and details about saudi prometric exam. Saudi Healtg Authority
launched electronic sevice for booking the exam for all health
practitioners that want to work in the kingdom to facilitate profession
classification and get the suitable title ( vice – specialist – consultant ) thet
convince with the certificates from educational institutes inside the
kingdom and outside it . Prometric service is presented for all health
practitioners including doctors , dentists , pharmacists, nurses and
technicians that want to travel to work in Saudi Heath Corporations .
Classification of health practitioners for prometric
Doctors :
• General practitioner
• Resident doctor
• Specialist
• Consultant
Pharmacists :
• Pharmacist
• First pharmacist
• Consultant
Nurses :
• Nursing specialist
• First specialist
• Consultant

Stages of Saudi prometric exam booking
1) Data flow presentation :
In this stage , Health Authority make sure that all the certificates are true
and not forged .
2) Registration stage :
In this stage, the application is presented to Saudi Heath Authority as a
health practitioner then the application is revised in about 14 days .
3) Classification stage :
In this stage, the health practitioner is classified according to his
certificates .
4) Prometric exam stage :
After paying the classification fees , you can know your exam number in
about 10 days then the Authority will inform you about the date of your
exam . The results is announced after two weeks and after that you can
travel to work in Saudi Arabia .
Papers required to make saudi data flow
• Bachelor certificate
• licence to practice medicine
• passport
Papers required for prometric exam registration
• Bachelor certificate
• Bachelor degree transcript
• Last qualification certificate
• Last qualification degree transcript
• Last training year certificate
• Experience certificate
• licence to practice medicine
• passport

Steps of booking prometric exam
• Prepare papers required for data and take them photos with mobile
• Send theses photos on office WhatsApp
• The papers will be revised by the office in your country
• Pay fees for the office in your country
• Data flow company will end revision of your papers and send the final
report in 6 – 8 weeks .
• The registration offer will be presented to Saudi Heath Authority as a
health practitioner
• The health practitioner will be classified according to certificates
• Saudi Heath Authority will revise the application and accept the
classification in 10 days
• You can know your prometric exam number and the date of it by Saudi
Heath Authority .
I think we could show you all details about Saudi prometric exam and
now you can perform it easily if you are a health practitioner and want to
travel to work in Saudi Arabia as a doctor , nurse , pharmacist or
technician and be a part of Saudi Health System .
You can also know about Emirates prometric exam (DHA) from here

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