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A general guide for DHA exam in UAE 2022

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Dha prometric,  In this article, we will show you all the steps you should take to finish the tests that qualify you to work as a doctor in UAE . We will explain all information about DHA exam . We hope that after reading our article , you will be aware about all details in this issue . Now we will start our explanation journey .



DHA Exam Dates 2022:

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Prometric Dubai DHA exam

Prometric Dubai DHA exam is a test that aims at getting a licence to practice
medicine in Dubai and Emirates.
Prometric company is responsible of this test and any doctor wants to work in
Dubai should perform this test to be able to work in Dubai.

The health practitioner for Prometric exam is classified as following

Classification of doctors :

• General practitioner
• Resident doctor
• specialist
• Consultant

Classification of pharmacists :

• Pharmacist
• First pharmacist
• Consultant pharmacist

Classification of nurses :

• Specialist nursing
• first specialist
• consultant

Stages of booking the prometric Dubai DHA Exam

1) Registration stage in Dubai Health Authority :

In this stage , the application is offered to Dubai Health Authority as a general
The application should be revised by the Authority in 3 days .
Then health practitioner can ask for performing prometric exam or making a
data flow on papers and documents that presented to the Authority .

2) Date flow presentation :

In this stage , the Authority confirms your certificates and makes sure of
everything about you .
We advise you to make data flow with booking for prometric exam at the same

Do you want offers on prometric Dubai DHA Exam, you can get them now from here for a limited time

3) Prometric exam stage :

In this stage , you can know your exam code in about 10 days , then you get a
call from the Authority to inform you about the time of you exam .
You can know your result in about two weeks from the exam , and if you
succeed , you will be able to travel to work in Dubai at any time you want .

4) Revision stage :

In this stage, the specialized management in data flow company shares your
report with Dubai Health Authority, then Prometric Company shares exam
results with the Authority. After that, you can take your license to work as a health practitioner in Dubai.

Papers required for prometric exam

• Bachelor degree
• Bachelor degree transcript
• Last qualification certificate
• last qualification transcript
• last practice year certificate
• licence for profession practice
• Good conduct certificate from Syndicate
• passport

Steps to book the DHA exam

• Prepare data flow papers and take them clear photos with your mobile
• Send the required papers on WhatsApp of the company
• The papers are revised by the specialized department in prometric office in
your country
• send the required money to the office
• Data flow company send the last report to the Authority in 6 – 8 weeks
• Your registration is offered to Dubai Health Authority as a general practitioner
• The health practitioner is classified according to his certificates
• The application is revised then the Authority accept your booking in 5 days
• You can know your prometric exam number and the time of it .
So , I think we could show you all the details about prometric DHA exam in
Dubai and all steps you should take to be a health practitioner in Dubai.

DHA Exam Dates 2022:

To Search Availability for dha exam dates 2022 for all specialists please contact us by email: 

How to book DHA Prometric exam? and other information. Explained in step by step

This video gives information about DHA Prometric exam booking. It is easy and few steps .You can able to book it yourself after watching this video.




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    Dr K N Siddiqui says:

    I am Dr K N Siddiqui from India.
    I am a Consultant Cardiologist and interested in practising Cardiology in Dubai.
    My data flow is done .
    Could you plese guide me how to sit for the prometric Exam in Cardiology.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. avatar
    Lucia Calvisi says:

    Hi I am Dr Lucia Calvisi a dermatologist from Italy. I’d like to know more about the protometic exam to work in Dubai please.

  3. avatar
    TAS says:

    Hi, I gave my prometric exam 5 days back. I have still not received my results. There are no records present in the assessments category of sheryan account either. Prometric is not responding to the mails either. Kindly refer me to someone who can handle the query.

  4. avatar
    Dr.sithi halima B.D.S says:

    Hi I am dr.sithi halima B.D.S from India . I got fail in my prometric exam for general dentistry which was held on March 2022 . R there chances of seeing my paper to find out where I went wrong .

  5. avatar
    Sanjaya says:

    Hi, I am a board certified consultant Radiologist from Sri Lanka. What is the DHA / prometric exam I should sit in order to practice as a Consultant Radiologist.

  6. avatar
    Qusai Osman says:

    Hello :

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    This is to inform you that on 11/05/2022 I finished my DHA radiographer exam and there is no update in my DHA account . below my information
    kindly check it for me

  7. avatar
    Ashiru Anifat Adeola says:

    I am I registered nurse midwife from Nigeria with 19 years experience, I will like to work in Dubai.How long will the process take Can u pls put me through

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    DR SHAMSHAD S G says:


  9. avatar
    Frisha says:

    Hi. I am a licensed dentist. Interested to take the DHA exam. There are some questions in the self assessment section that I do not know how to answer. I emailed regarding my concern but I didn’t receive a reply yet. I appreciate if you could help me. Thank you

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