SaudiPrometric exam passing score 2021 ?

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Pass the Saudi Prometric Exam 2021 by taking several simple steps, including:
-All required documents and documents must be attached, and the application must be submitted to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
– The classification process for the practitioner is carried out according to the certificate obtained, and the request is answered after about ten days in order to review all the submitted papers and documents.
– After 10 days have passed, the eligibility number will be issued if the application is accepted.
As for the conditions and controls required to register for the Prometric Exam for Health Specialties, several rules and conditions have been set, which are as follows:
-The minimum age of the applicant is eighteen years.
-Preparing all documents and submitting them to the competent authority.
-Obtaining the eligibility number.
-Determine the appropriate test date for the applicant.

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