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The Dubai health authority Prometric exam aims mainly to facilitate obtaining the authority to practice your profession in the Emirate of Dubai in particular and the Emirates that you follow in general. , followed by registration and then obtaining a letter of recommendation in order to allow them to work.
Category: Dubai Faqs

All medical personnel can book an appointment for the DHA Examination where the test date is booked electronically via the Prometric website. One would need to follow the instructions for booking the test. Note that it is after the conditions required for reservation are met. These are the step-by-step  guidelines for the Prometric DHA exam:


  1. Registration stage in Dubai Health Authority

In this stage, the application is offered to Dubai Health Authority as a general practitioner. The application should be revised by the Authority in 3 days. The health practitioner can ask for performing prometric exam or making a data flow on papers and documents that are presented to the Authority.


      2. Date flow presentation

In this stage, the Authority confirms your certificates and makes sure of everything about you. We advise you to make data flow with booking for the Prometric exam at the same time.


    3. Prometric exam stage

In this stage, you can know your exam code in about 10 days, then you get a call from the Authority to inform you about the time of your exam.

You can know your result in about two weeks from the exam, and if you succeed, you will be able to travel to work in Dubai at any time you want.


    4. Revision stage

In this stage, the specialized management in data flow company shares your report with Dubai Health Authority, then Prometric Company shares exam results with the Authority. After that, you can take your license to work as a health practitioner in Dubai.

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DHA dataflow is the stage where the Authority confirms your certificates, requirements and other information to verify every detail you’ve passed. The process by which the DHA approves certification information from the institution that first granted or issued the qualification (for example genuineness of educational degrees).

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The DHA exam result will be available two to five business days after you have taken the test. If you have taken the test, you may check your results in your Sheryan account to see if you passed.

Category: Dubai Faqs

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