1. First you visit DHA website
Click on the link Licensing services. Register yourself as a New User

2. Create your login ID by selecting your username and password. Enter your name as in passport.

3. Then go to your Inbox in Individual Home after log-in. At first they ask to Fill online Application form (allied health in technician category). Attach all the required documents ( 1-Passport, 2-Photograph, 3-Experience certificate ,4-Pharm-D / B pharm, degree,+ Transcript, Valid License from pharmacy council or renewal of license to Practice in Home Country) in scanned form. After submitting online application wait DHA message to get your application approved.
NOTE: The attestation of documents is not necessary DHA will do all the process itself if some buddy do it .. So well & good.

4. Once your application will be approved, check your DHA site inbox, DHA will ask you to submit 210 AED online .

5. After submission of Application fee DHA will send message within 2-3 days in your inbox to purchase DHA book from DHA office in Business Village, Block-C, Clock Tower, deira, Dubai (near dera city center BUS STOP if u come from sharjah in bus or if u come in metro come to dera ciy center METRO STATION ). The book cost is 220 AED. DHA will give receipt of Book Purchase. Upload that receipt in scanned form on DHA website inbox in your application in last page in additional documents section then submit it.

6. Then after 2-3 days DHA will send message in your inbox to submit PSV (Primary source verification) Fee 724 AED online.

7. After submitting PSV Fee DHA will take 30-60 days for verification. Once verification completed, DHA will send u Data Flow report of PSV. In the meanwhile u can book your exam date before the verification report.

8. DHA conduct exam on every Sunday in Sheikh Rashid Hospital /behind trauma center, Dubai.
DHA will confirm your exam date after receiving DHA Exam Fee Online. If you want to give exam on Normal bais then fee is 260 AED And If you want to give exam on urgent basis then fee will be 2010 AED.

DHA exam is computer based test. Passing score is 60%. You will get you score at the same time you submit your attempted paper online.
(All the process taking 25-30 DAYS if you do all the process in due time)

10. After Passing exam DHA will issue you Eligibility Letter for searching employment within few days (10-15days). Then after getting Job on the basis of that eligibility Letter, last step will be to upload your Labour Card on DHA website and lastly the DHA License will e issued in your name @ the cost of 3000 AED that will be paid by your employer 

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